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This forum is a place to discuss Sylvia Marie Likens and defend her agianst the Baniszewski family members on the old Yuku forum. Yes Sockrates on that forum is Paula's son. They used lies and manipulation to shut our other board down, but we are back.
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 Top 10 deadliest women

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PostSubject: Top 10 deadliest women   Wed Dec 04, 2013 8:50 pm

As you may know, Gertrude was one of the top 10 deadliest women. There was an episode for it on a show called Deadly Women. Deadly Women is a show from the Investigation Discovery channel. If you know about this show and Sylvia's case, you may have already seen the Top 10 Deadliest Women episode. If you haven't, then I won't spoil it for you. You'll have to see what number Gertrude is for yourself. I will say this though, I wasn't surprised in the least where she ranked. Click the link below to see it.

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PostSubject: Re: Top 10 deadliest women   Thu Dec 05, 2013 8:00 pm

I can't watch this video again...please tell me the answer.
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PostSubject: Re: Top 10 deadliest women   Thu Dec 05, 2013 8:09 pm

I'll send you a PM with the answer because I don't want to spoil it for those who haven't seen it.
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PostSubject: Re: Top 10 deadliest women   

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Top 10 deadliest women
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