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This forum is a place to discuss Sylvia Marie Likens and defend her agianst the Baniszewski family members on the old Yuku forum. Yes Sockrates on that forum is Paula's son. They used lies and manipulation to shut our other board down, but we are back.
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 The Cyber abuse of Sylvia

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PostSubject: The Cyber abuse of Sylvia   The Cyber abuse of Sylvia Icon_minitimeSun Dec 08, 2013 11:28 pm

I hope not to offend anyone with the title of this page, but I want to expose some of the people on the internet that are defending Sylvia's killers. I will post some of the quotes people have made online in honor of these murderers. It is strange to me being a fan of crime TV that so many people defend criminals. These are not my words. I want people to see how these people continue to abuse our Sylvia from the grave. There are some messages to horrible to post on here. The people that have been creating sites to honor Sylvia, have been insulted, threatened, and harassed, but none of this is as bad as what they have done to Sylvia's memory.

This was posted on an old, currently inactive, message board. This message board was created to hear Stephanie's side of the story.

Poster: “So why did Paula become a teacher's aide in the first place? After all, there were any number of jobs she could have done to support herself financially. It's not as though she faced the stark choice of either becoming a teacher's aide or being unemployed. lol In fact, not only were there other occupations that she could have chosen to pursue, but pursuing almost any other career path would have been more conducive to keeping her criminal history under wraps. If Paula had chosen to apply for the position of toilet attendant (i.e. cleaner lol), for example, during her application process, it would hardly be a statutory requirement for her to disclose any criminal convictions that she had, would it? She could have easily obtained the job, and settled into her new occupational role secure in the knowledge that her identity and criminal history would be concealed indefinitely. Instead, however, she chose to pursue the career of a teacher's aide, but neglected to inform her employer of her criminal past during her application. Now, why would Paula have put herself through the stress of living day in, day out with the knowledge that at any moment during her tenure with BCLUW, her criminal past could have been discovered and her identity exposed? Why would she have done that? The only rational explanation why she stuck the job out with such a grey cloud of doubt and insecurity hanging over her head is that the benefit she derived from working as a teacher's aide somehow made the insecurity she felt bearable or tolerable (unless, of course, one considers the possibility that she is a masochist, who gets some kind of high from feelings of fear and uncertainty, but I'm not sure that's the most likely explanation. lol). But what kind of benefit could Paula have valued highly enough to have been able to tolerate such an insecure and precarious position willingly?

Paula's opting to work at a high school was certainly an interesting career choice. After all, a high school is an institution that seeks to educate students from 14 to 18 years of age, kids who are in the same age bracket as Sylvia was when she tragically died. Is it of any significance whatsoever that the students whom Paula assisted to develop academically and socially were kids of this age group? And is it possible the benefit that she derived from her job had anything to do with the fact that she was working with kids of this age? And if she did benefit from being able to work alongside such young people, in what way did she benefit? Did assisting in the torture and murder of Sylvia Likens all those years ago warp Paula's psyche so profoundly that she developed a predilection for burning young people with cigarettes and scolding them with hot water? Maybe she felt that working in such close proximity to so many young potential victims would provide her with many opportunities to indulge her appetites. But is this really likely? I mean, if she really did indulge these supposed appetites of hers throughout her tenure at BCLUW, the legal repercussions would have caught up with her long before she'd had the chance to work there for 14 years, and she'd almost certainly still be in jail now. So if Paula did derive some benefit from working with young people of Sylvia's age at BCLUW, then what form did this benefit take? Well, perhaps she derived the benefit of redemption. Maybe becoming a teacher's aide allowed her to obtain the benefit of being able to influence the lives of young people (kids in the same age range as Sylvia was when she died) in a positive manner, particularly after she had had such a profoundly destructive influence on poor Sylvia's life. Perhaps for Paula, teaching was a morally redemptive activity, which allowed her to atone for her sins and get back into God's good books (Paula is a Christian). Maybe.”

Webmaster: This posters intent is to imply that Paula is trying to make up for what she did to Sylvia by working a teachers aid. Paula had every opportunity to say she regretted what happened to Sylvia, when she was caught working at this school. She was on the news and contacted for an interview. She just hid, and never made a public statement.

Response from a non Ban Fan:
If anyone can get through this garbage without puking their guts out, what Socks is suggesting is that Paula becoming a teacher was her way of "repenting" for what she did. But what Socks is not telling us (apart from how he/she/it knows Paula so well if he/she/it is not a relative of that fat thing) is that if Paula really and truly wants to repent for what she did, then she should simply apologize a la John Blake and accept responsibility for what she did. Now Socks in his/her infinite lack of wisdom will counter by asking the question, "how do you know Paula has not repented? Because we haven't heard it ourselves?" When this story broke, some people who lived in that town and who knew Paula told us that Paula never once repented for what she did. Also, Paula herself refused to comment and avoided to speak to the press (she could have very easily said that she was sorry for what she had done to Sylvia) and I have also heard from other people who know Paula

The following is more Paula love from the message board I have already discussed:

Poster:I've just remembered something: we know from a reliable source close to the B family, that Paula was extremely loving and gentle with baby Dennis. So how does one account for that in the light of her upbringing and the lack of civilized values with which she was instilled? I've just fallen into The broommy Gang trap of making simplistic, one-dimensional judgments about a complex person. Paula was shaped and formed by many different influences, to be sure. And I always thought that I was above making those kind of judgments as well. It just shows you how wrong you can be, doesn't it? I feel suitably ashamed. lol If by any chance you're reading this, Paula, I apologize. lol

Me responding to this comment: This I love, because Paula told Dennis she was extremely loving and caring to him as baby. What else would she say? I was mean to you and ignored you. Well I guess... it is not like she ever killed anyone, so I guess we'll just assume she is telling the truth and state it as a fact. It is not like she is a liar and lied to get a job or anything, so she must be telling the truth. Not only does this poster state this as a fact, but this source close to the B family passes it along to the ban fans as if it is true. I am hoping that with the passing of time, she has changed her mind.

Source close to the B family: For Ms. Broommy, who has posted this over on her board because she says she knows it will be deleted, you assumed (which you seem to do a lot of) that it was Paula who told Denny that about how she treated him as a baby. It was not Paula. Both Marie and Stephanie told me this. I do believe it because of Denny's strong connection to Superman (they even called him Clark Kent in high school). Quit assuming, Broommy. You know the age old line that goes with that, right?

My response to this: Oh k!%H^ I am so sorry...Marie and Stephanie are both more reliable than paula. We have heard from Stephanie. She never lies.

Webmaster: Are we really calling Paula loving and caring on a board for Sylvia Likens? This is why I am creating this page, do people can see what kind of abuse poor Sylvia receives now. Is it possible that Paula was loving and caring to the baby? Yes. Is it likely she was? No. By all accounts Paula was not a nice girl, and is thought by some to have abused Shirley and Marie. I can't prove it yet, but I am working on it. At any rate, even if Paula was the nicest person on the planet, except to Sylvia, why are we discussing her niceness on Sylvia's page.

This is a post from the old yuku board.
What if you got to know Paula and you liked her?
Use your imaginations. Put yourself there. The hypothetical is a given. You DO like Paula in this scenario.
And remember, it's just a game.

Webmaster: What??? What if you met Hitler and you liked him? Why in the world would someone post this on a board to honor Sylvia? I am stunned. A better question would be what if you met Paula, and she put a cigarette out on you or pushed you down the stairs.
Several posts have been deleted from this board, but this one remains.

Here are a few quotes about how attractive Gertrude was:

Poster: Before you all bash me, just to add on to what jack said, Denny has seen other pictures of Gertrude prior to 1965. When she wanted to, she could be very attractive. On the other end, Denny has also seen pics of her very close to death and she was like a completely different person. For those of you who think she did not suffer or suffer enough, the cancer took its toll and she did suffer so you guys can at least rest easy about that.

Webmaster: First of all calling Gertrude attractive is insane. She looked terrible. Second, saying that Gertrude suffered enough with cancer so we can rest easy is just insane. She destroyed two entire families, including hers, and she we all know what she did to poor Sylvia.

Another ban fan:
There is a picture of Gertrude in court, together with Ricky Hobbs I believe, where she looks quite young and normally attractive. I think many of us tend to think murderers are ugly because of what we know about their crimes. It is natural to be prejudiced that way.

Webmaster: I don’t know why we are discussing Gertrudes looks in a favorable way on Sylvia’s website. It makes me sick.

One of the posters calls Gertrude ugly and says she did not suffer enough. This is the response from the source close to the family.

Poster: Just the comment I expect from you, hbh. You don't even realize that you are inclined to think that way because she was a murderer. I would have thought that you could at least take some comfort in the fact that she did indeed suffer. You might want to look up what it is like to die from lung cancer. I'm not comparing it to what Sylvia endured, and that was not the point, but since you think she got off "scott-free", I can tell you that she did not. You should just try to realize that the anger you have inside of you can not hurt Gertrude, but it can be detrimental to you, hbh.

Actually she did get off scott-free compared to what she deserved. To even imply that she was punished or suffered at all is crazy. Good people get cancer all the time. Innocent people have been executed and spent their entire life in prison...twenty years in prison for Gertrude who got to cook, style hair, and make friends is not a punishment at all.

This is proof that the dead yuku board was created for Stephanie to post there not to honor Sylvia.

Another reason I wanted to start this forum was that I had hoped that Stephanie would come here. If any of you were posting on the IMDb around two years ago, you will remember her prescence there. Of course no one believed it was her at first and she didn't make any friends either after she deleted all of her initial posts, but after a time she came back and some people were willing to hear her out. And she did take quite a beating, but she posted there for at least a good six months.
I got to know her a little through the PM function of the IMDb and stayed in contact with her. She knows about this place(though I don't know if she's actuaally seen or looked at it) and I've extended several invites to her. I would hate to see what happened to her on the IMDb happen here if she ever decided to drop in.

Webmaster: Ok, so lets look at this. Even if you believe Stephanie’s lies that she never laid a hand on Sylvia, at the very least, she is guilty of not getting help for her. There are no accounts of Stephanie being abused during Sylvia’s stay, so why didn’t she get help for her? Why would you create a board for a murder victim and invite the killers to post on it?
A little note...if you have doubt on Stephanie's guilt visit the site below
Was Stephanie Guilty?

Here is an entire thread inviting Stephanie to join and telling her she has friends on the forum....

To Stephanie
Author Comment

To Stephanie
Lead [-]

If you decided to check this out, please know that you are most welcome here and it will not be the same as the IMDb. I will not allow it.

You have friends here.

remembersylvia I will leave this name for reasons
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Dec 25 08 11:06 AM
Yes, Stephanie, we would love to have you here!

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Dec 25 08 10:52 PM
Stephanie, I've never met you, but I know that you don't have a mean bone in your body.
I'm sorry that you had to see what you were forced to see.

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Dec 27 08 3:22 AM

I would like to welcome Stephanie as well, the people here aren't the same judgmental ones as on IMDB and we are very interested in what you have to say and what you'd be willing to share. Anyways, happy holidays and the best for 2009 if you read this.

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Jan 1 09 9:59 PM
I've always enjoyed talking to you, and your inspiring faith in our Lord. I do hope you stop in.

Fly High.

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Jan 21 09 2:22 AM
Hey, Stephanie, how you see this and tell us more about Sylvia!

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May 17 09 4:44 AM

Stephanie this forum is troll free and please enjoy your stay.

I guess this one speaks for itself

Webmaster: The following are posts from the sundance board full of Stephanie’s Lies. I have spoken to this poster and took her name down. The sundance board does not allow for posts to be deleted, so she does not have the option to take them down. I also took down references to her and want to say that I don't think that she necessarily intended to be abusive toward Sylvia in these posts. I also am not going to group her with the ban fans as she has a very unique connection to this case, that is difficult for me to process or understand. I want to keep the posts here, because I feel that it is important that everyone reads these lies by Stephanie and Marie, without judgement of the person who posted them:

Poster: Gertrude did not tell Stephanie that she had epilepsy, so she didn't know why whe was taking the phenobarbitol - I forgot what they told her it was for. In any event, Stephanie was not that aware of what was going on. She was Sylvia's friend. She told Sylvia to tell her if anything got real bad, and Sylvia never did. The week before she died, Stephanie tried calling the authorities twice. Once they came when she was in a seizure so she was not even aware they had come; the other time Gertrude interceded. I actually feel bad providing this information on this blog because Stephanie herself told me this, and I have not seen it anywhere else. I believe her. I have seen those mocking her Christianity saying that she didn't find Christ until after Sylvia died. But Stephanie told me she always attended church. It was Gertrude who did not attend church. And Marie told me it was she that tried to help Sylvia escape, and that Paula beat her pretty badly for that. They were all scared of Paula; she was like Gertrude's extended hand. Apparently, Gertrude and Paula were alone with Sylvia a lot of the time, which is never mentioned, when the rest of the kids were at school, so who knows what they were doing then. And unfortunately, my husband was there too for this to be in his subconscious (sp?), to haunt him in his adult life.

Webmaster: This is wrong on so many levels. I can’t say for sure if this poster still believes these lies, but I would delete them when I found out they were lies. I send this poster Stephanie’s page and she did not respond. This poster also continues to defend Stephanie

This is another post from this poster with sympathy for the bans:

Yes, I have spoken with both Stephanie and Marie about many things, including life since 1965. All of the children had very hard lives; Stephanie fared the best as she was sent to live with family members. But the others - Marie, Shirley and James - were all in foster care and were treated very badly. Although their names were changed, everyone knew who they really were, and their foster families mistreated them, much the same as my husband's adopted family did to him. Stephanie and Marie both told me that Denny was very much loved by all of his siblings, and through the years they had often wondered about Denny and how his life was going, if he married, had children, etc. There were several false reports about where Denny was throughout the years, so I'm sure they were a bit skeptical when here I came, but once I confirmed who I was by providing Denny's birth date, we started exchanging photos and any doubts they may have had vanished. I have found both Stephanie and Marie to be genuine and caring women and they have welcomed me into their hearts. They had been praying over the years for God to bring their baby Denny back to them if and when He found it best.

Webmaster: I find it strange that I read more about the Baniszewski's suffering than the likens. I have never read once tiny ounce of pity from these ban fans for the Likens family and what they went through as a result of what these loving and caring children did.

Another one from same poster about the poor ban kids:

I now have a different view of most of the kids now that I've heard some stories of how they treated Denny - even Paula. who would tailor words to songs for Denny, such as the Superman theme (it's Super Baby! able to leap from a crib in a single bound...) and the Lone Ranger theme. Strangely enough, Denny has always had a "thing" for Superman, which he passed down to our son (who is currently a Superman-everything "freak" - Smallville is currently his fave tv show). As a teen, Den resembled a young Christopher Reeve and when he wore glasses was referred to as Clark Kent. By saying that I have a different view of the kids now doesn't mean that I condoned what happened at all, but I think hearing some of the things I was told gives some insight as to how it could happen. I'll just say that all of these children had very hard lives, before and after 1965.

Webmaster: Again with the poor kids crap. I don’t care how they treated a baby, not that it can even be verified in anyway. This is about how they treated SYLVIA MARIE LIKENS NOT BABY DENNY. They could have beat that baby blue every single day and no one would even know now. It is not like the baby remembers. These are Liars. Marie and Stephanie both lied on the stand.

Here is a post about Stephanie and Marie’s lies. As you can see, this poster is very into believing them:

I guess it will be interesting to see what this new book will supposedly reveal. Stephanie and Marie have both said that a lot of what was said during the trial was not true. I am hesitant to say exactly what they have said to me because I'm afraid it will start up a whole debate, but basically in their indication that Gertrude "set up" John Jr., Coy and Richard, they have also said a few items I have found interesting but have yet to press them much further. They both have said that John Jr. did not do a lot of what it was claimed that he did do (such as hanging Sylvia from a nail with her arms tied behind her back) and Stephanie has said that much of the testimony implicating Coy was not accurate either. Many of the times when he allegedly was there, she said he was not there. I know they both had a great deal of love for John Jr. and they have told us that he was a very good man and that he ended up helping many wayward kids during his time as a lay pastor. Just so you know, at first I was horrified, like many, that one of the Baniszewski children had become a lay pastor and that one had become a schoolteacher. Now, though, I can see why Stephanie is a teacher and she is actually a very smart, sweet and caring person. And both Stephanie and Marie have told me that John Jr. (he was called JB) often talked about Denny and wondered what had happened to him in his life and kept positive for Stephanie and Marie to not forget him and lose hope that they would find him someday. They are both very sad that we did not find them prior to JB's passing, and Denny is sad as well. I'm sure I'll get a bunch of angry people coming back at me about this, so before I do, please know I do understand their feelings.

Webmaster: It is obvious that Stephanie is a LIAR. I have proven that on this page. If Marie is corroborating her lies then she is a LIAR too. I won’t comment on John B, because I happen to believe that he was truly sorry for what he did. How is it possible that Gertrude set people up? Gertrude was stupid uneducated trash. So....Gertrude not only set them up and told lies, in not one, but two trials, she also managed to fool several newspaper journalists and John Dean who attended trial every single day. Lets not forget she also fooled Jenny, Leroy New, and all three of these boys who admitted what they did.

The following is a discussion on a thread called “Happy Birthday Stephanie” on this forum. People that were at the site to honor Sylvia got upset, and were told that we were hateful. There is also an argument about information on Sylvia’s case.

Poster: AS for the "Happy Birthday to Stephanie post", I started that post and took it down. In fact I took a lot of my post down when you all got so hostile a few years back. As to chester's quote "As for Brian, as I have stated before the information Brian or anyone else finds about this case is not his personal property. Thus, it is not for him to keep". It is my personal property until I decide to post or share what I find (and I have lots). But I will never because its private..... now go ahead and repost this on your board and you all can bash it for a while.. chester can repeat his rants and blah blah blah

Webmaster: There were a few people that were from Indianapolis that were upset, because Fungi created a new forum, because they were trying to run us off of theirs. They had posted some newspaper articles and the trial transcripts. They felt that they owned this information and were entitled to hold it hostage. Although Fungi and myself creating new forums and paying for websites to honor Sylvia is good, they feel it is wrong. They did not want us to use the information they claimed as theirs. Fungi and I both shared and continue to share all the information we acquired of our own means and funds, so I felt they should not have a problem with anything. Fungi and myself have spent a lot of money and countless hours on our web sites. Most of the people calling us thieves have not spent a dime.

The following is a conversation with one of the people upset about promoting a site about Sylvia....

Of corse you know there is little publicity out there for Sylvia. I WILL NOT promote John Mc@#$$$$%^^/ Fungis site. So let me know which one is yours. I have tagged you in the photo today, but "their" website has been credited with things that are not theirs to reproduce and credit their site with it. Please contact me when ever possible.

Innocent person:
I'm confused huh?

If you want to call me tomorrow.

Innocent Person: ok I inboxed you my number...hope you have a good night.

Webmaster: How does a newspaper article that someone scanned on the internet belong to anyone??? How can someone steal it or be upset that someone is spreading the information about Sylvia and helping to stop abuse, be a bad thing? The poster accusing us of stealing has not to this date shared one original bit of information about Sylvia, except a photo she stole from the family.

The following is this poster attacking the creator of

If anyone needs to grow up its you guys. Quit hiding behind your "private board" and talking behind peoples back, as if they won't find out. Like I said you guys are gonna feel funny if your ass gets sued by someone who actually owns the stuff you post.

Webmaster note: This post is about a poster that she made about Sylvia. A very nice man posted it, and said very nice things about it. He never thought that anyone would be attacked for it. He was trying to be nice. No one owns anything pertaining to the Sylvia Likens case, but her family. Everything that is online is public info available at the Indy library or courthouse.

Yes you. I feel as if I am back in highschool. One image has been uploaded into the gallery this week. I assume you are refering to the picture of Sylvia's memorial. The user has credited the person who made the poster. He simply wanted to show the people, that Sylvia has not been forgotten. That is all. Not trying to out do people we met online. Good day to you.

A little publicity for Sylvia? Don't you mean Paula Ban getting her just do? That's what your really mad about are'nt you. Did you wish her Happy Birthday too? Good luck suing anyone.

And who would that credit go to sir, because I created the poster. YOU need to not share anything of mine. What would your site contain if not for the generosity of Brian G@ddi@ posting the transcripts for free? Or maybe that photo you are using as your avatar. There is no competition, because without some of us YOU WOULDNT have anything to take credit for. I sure did...your sick maybe you should go to the school nurse.

Actually fungi spent hours transcribing the transcripts to make them readable. We should all thank him. It costs a lot of money to run a forum and website. Trust me I know. I have one, and I have not spent as much money as fungi has.

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PostSubject: Re: The Cyber abuse of Sylvia   The Cyber abuse of Sylvia Icon_minitimeMon Dec 09, 2013 9:20 am

There is a lot of stuff here that disgusts me and it proves that these people are Ban fans. The way they speak about Paula and Stephanie as if they're such wonderful angels really makes my skin crawl. If they are such good people, then why would Stephanie cover up her lies with more lies? Also, why would Paula hide from the news crew when they wanted to question her?
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PostSubject: Re: The Cyber abuse of Sylvia   The Cyber abuse of Sylvia Icon_minitimeMon Dec 09, 2013 9:35 pm

Well I re-read through this today, and I forgot it was this bad.  No 
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The Cyber abuse of Sylvia
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